Guidelines to be a good person

What kind of life can be considered as “happy and fulfilling?” A life that is fulfilling must have been one that embraces a right attitude, as this right attitude will lead to proper behavior; while proper behavior will form good habits, and good habits will shape a person’s character. Hence, whether or not we will live a happy and fulfilling life will depend largely on our attitude. With a right attitude, our life would be built on top of a good foundation. If we can keep this in mind, we will surely become a good person and be able to enjoy a happy life. Read more..

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丛书说明 本套《文言文:开启智慧宝藏的钥匙》丛书,根据蔡礼旭老师相关演 讲整理而成,共有“孝悌忠信礼义廉耻”八个单元,我们将其分成四本 书陆续出版。“孝”是人生的根,也是中华文化之根,作为重点阐述单元, 我们将其分成两本书,主题分别是家道、师道。“悌忠信”是做人的根本, 有此三德,才能在人群中立足;“礼义廉耻”,是枝干,有此四德,才能利 益大众,乃至带领好团队、企业。这分别是丛书第三、第四本的主题

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